Jones Engineering 99th Dublin City Liffey Swim - Connacht - Munster - Ulster

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99th Dublin City Liffey Swim

99ú Snámh na Life, Baile Átha Cliath

Jones Engineering 99th Dublin City Liffey Swim ("Liffey Swim") 


Saturday 1st September 2018  


  •     Race Distance: 2,200 metres

  •     Expected 500 swimmers

  •     4 Qualifying Races Minimum

  •     Entry Fees Swimmers: Adult €35 

Leinster Open Sea's Entry Requirments & Conditions and Swimmer's Declaration 





Please ensure that you meet Leinster Open Sea's entry requirement and conditions.  If you do not you will not be admitted to the race and Leinster Open Sea will not issue a refund.  


Swimmers must obtain a Leinster Open Sea number from  the How did you swim website at


Swimmers must read and agree to Leinster Open Sea's Entry Requirements and Conditions and swimmer's declaration at


Jones Engineering 99th Dublin City Liffey Swim


Dublin is the only capital country in Europe to have a swimming race through the middle of the city centre. The Liffey Swim is the highlight of the open sea swimming season and in particular for the native Dubliners there is something special about being able to swim through the city centre. This also provides a great spectacle for the Dublin public who line the quays, boardwalks and bridges along 2,200 course to catch a glimpse of this unique event.


The Liffey Swim starts at Rory O’Moore Bridge Rory O’More Bridge beside Guinness Brewery. The Swimmers then swim down the 2.2 Kilometre course past Collins Barracks, The Four Courts, Dublin City Councils’ Civic Offices, Liberty Hall and swimming under the following bridges - Rory O’More Bridge, James Joyce Bridge, Liam Mellows Bridge, Father Mathew Bridge, O’Donovan Rossa Bridge, Grattan Bridge, Millennium Bridge, Ha’penny Bridge, O’Connell Bridge, Rosie Hackett Bridge, Butt Bridge and the Loopline Bridge.   The race finishes  at the quay wall just in front of the Customs House. Swimmers get out at the steps of the Custom House and enjoy Al Fresco Showers provided by Dublin Fire Brigade.


Swimmers feel privileged to swim under the bridges of Dublin and the race provides swimmers a unique persepective on the famous builldings and landmarks of Dublin from river level. There is also considerable interaction between the swimmers and the spectators as the swimmers can hear and see the spectators cheering and clapping them on as the swim underneath each of the main bridges of Dublin.


The Liffey Swim is the oldest and most prestigious open sea races in Ireland.  The first Liffey Swim took place on the 22 July 1920 nearly 100 years ago at the height of the War of Independence between Ireland and Britain.  Swimming down the centre in the watery artery that divides the city, one thinks of who is swimming. Dubliners from North, South, East, and West Dublin mingle together with swimmers from all over Ireland and beyond. Our swimming community has many new nationals who live here, as well as visitors who come to Ireland to compete in the Liffey Swim.


Leinster Open Sea estimate that there will be over 400 to 500 swimmers will compete in the City Liffey Swim. There will be competitors of all ages, abilities and nationalities with teenagers pitting their strengths against 70 year olds and swimmers from all over the country competing against each other. The Lord Mayor of Dublin starts the race and presents the winners with their prizes at Custom House Quays. Why don’t you join us for the Liffey Swim?


Handicapped Races

The Dublin City Liffey Swim is a handicapped races with the ladies and the men swimming in separate races.  Based on a swimmers performance in the four qualifying races ("Connacht, Munster & Ulster swimmers)  the Honorary Handicapper gives the swimmer a handicap.   (Leinster Swimmers must complete six qualifying races.) The Handicapper will determine when a swimmer will start the race. The slower swimmers will start swimming one to two minutes before “GO” where as the faster swimmers will ofter have a high handicap and have to wait four or five minutes after “GO”. The winner is the first swimmer to pass the finish line. The handicap gives each swimmer an equal opportunity to win the race and allows a 70 year old swimmer to compete against a young athlete who is competing for Ireland at an international level.





Start Date/Time:
Sat, 01 Sep, 2018 14:30

End Date/Time:
Sat, 01 Sep, 2018 16:30


Rory O’Moore Bridge (Watling Street Bridge) Beside Guinness Brewery


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